Do you know that the color of terrazzo tiles on your wall or floor can dictate the mood of the inhabitants of the home? I know that might sound incredible, but it is true. The color of terrazzo tiles you choose will determine whether the interior space will be active, vibrant, or dull. In case you are still confused, allow me to use this illustration to elaborate.

Have you ever walked into a home and noticed a sudden shift in your mood? Yes. It happens. Sometimes, you may notice that you suddenly feel calm and relaxed just immediately stepping into a room. In another instance, you might see that you overflow with more joy and energy in a particular space than others, or you mostly feel stressed out and overwhelmed in a specific home. If you have ever experienced these said incidences, know that it is nothing supernatural – it is the color of the paint in the interior part of the home that makes the vast difference.

It might not sound credible enough but, the emotions you feel when you enter a home or room have something to do with the color of the tiles. Meanwhile, terrazzo tiles are also inclusive. That is Interesting!

It is scientifically correct that the colors of the terrazzo tiles in the home can have psychological impacts on your mood and behaviors as different people have similar reactions to specific colors. Hence, it is essential to carefully select the color of the terrazzo tilers you want to install on your wall and floor to set the right mood you want in the rooms in your home. But always buy terrazzo floor tiles from a reputed store.

In this guide, you will learn about the moods that come with each terrazzo tiles color to know which color would be suitable for your study room, living, reception, and more.

Here are some common terrazzo tiles colors and the expected emotions they evoke.

1. Blue

Blue associates with tranquillity, trust, wisdom, serenity, and peace. That’s not all; blue is one of the most stable colors that make people feel optimum calmness as it is present in nature. Blue creates a comfortable setting in any living space. Hence, it would be fantastic if you use blue terrazzo tiles in your bedroom, bathrooms, and living rooms. Terrazzo tiles can also work well in your home office to help you and your guests maintain concentration. Installing blue terrazzo tiles in your home can also help lowers your heartbeat rate and boosts your productivity.

2. White

White terrazzo tiles have a lot of psychological effects on the mood of the occupants. Naturally, there’s a way immaculate white terrazzo tiles make people feel at home. It comes with exceeding coolness that is hard for the mouth to express. learn more about the impact of colors on your mood by visiting

Typically, the color white expresses cleanliness, freshness, purity, and simplicity. If you use white terrazzo tiles for your home design, even your visitors will feel good about it. Do you know that white terrazzo tiles on your floor and wall can make your room look more spacious?

However, you need to note that the abundance of white tiles in a large room can make it bland and sterile. Hence, adding accents of other complementary colors is fair enough to create a more exciting design. If you get it right, a white terrazzo tile will look elegant, even for the fact that it’s terrazzo. It would also be perfect for modern bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more.

3. Yellow

The color yellow projects feelings of happiness, success, creativity, and determination. Recently, research has proven that the yellow color increases oxygen supply to the human brain, thereby producing an energizing effect in the brain.

Installing yellow terrazzo tiles in your study room can stimulate your brain activity, thereby enabling you to assimilate better. When designing your home interior, you might want to consider yellow terrazzo tiles to evoke sunshine.

Keep in mind that those brighter shades of terrazzo tiles are best for smaller applications, like kitchen backsplash tiles. You can combine bright oranges terrazzo tiles with yellow or red to create a vibrant atmosphere. On the other hand, muted or light yellow would be more gentle for the eyes.

4. Turquoise

f you want to achieve happiness, harmony, and emotional safety, you can consider using turquoise colors in your home. This color is very restful and relaxing for the eyes because it is associated with nature, tranquillity, and healing. Turquoise terrazzo tiles would be an excellent choice for your bedrooms.

Are you still contemplating the right color to use for your home design? You can use Terrazzo Australian Marble, but make sure you request turquoise or any other color you prefer depending on the mood you want to set in your home.

5. Purple

Purple is a unique, rich, and dramatic color. It is historically associated with royalty and luxury. When you install deep purple terrazzo tiles in your bedroom, you will get a very romantic and luxurious vibe that will make your night blissful. Purple terrazzo tiles are also great for sparking creativity.

Though, deep purple terrazzo tiles might not be the best for the bedroom because you would like your mind to relax. Lighter purples such as lilac and lavender can serve as better options as they produce more calming and light effects.

6. Orange

Orange is a beautiful and exciting color that brings a spurt of energy and enthusiasm to any living space. Orange terrazzo tiles are something you can exercise around any area in your home. However, it is not the best for living rooms or bedrooms because these are areas you would want to calm down.

Orange color can also stimulate your appetite. As a result, I would not recommend installing orange terrazzo tiles in your kitchen if you are trying to be calorie-conscious.

7. Green

While many people like to connect the color green fertility and serenity and peace of mind, don’t’ be surprised that your favorite color, green, is also associated with romance. Green is known to increase heartbeat and stability.

Though most homeowners don’t like to use deep green for the home interior design, light green can be a great color to use in your home to convey warmness and friendliness – especially around Christmas. I would also suggest that you use green terrazzo tiles only in social rooms, not rooms meant for relaxing.

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Final Words

The color of the terrazzo tiles you each for each room in your home will determine how you feel when you enter the space. So, it is essential that you carefully choose the color to suit the expected feeling and the purpose you want the room to serve