In recent times, everybody seems to be seeking terrazzo tiles; you might also want to follow the trend to make your living space look modern and trendy. Of course, terrazzo tiles are worth the attention it’s getting from different professionals in the construction world, including architects, designers, and even homeowners, due to their extreme durability, flexibility, and the endless creative opportunities it offers liberally.

Terrazzo tiles fit almost any kind of building. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, you can bring out any design that will complement the purpose of the building.

Now, looking at the numerous possibilities that terrazzo tiles offer, you might want to dash to the market to purchase these tiles for your new construction or renovation project. While the move to buy terrazzo tiles is encouraged, there is a question I want to ask: how much do you know terrazzo tiles?

I agree that terrazzo tiles can fit almost any building project, but if you don’t know where, when, and how to use them? It is possible that you don’t get the expected outcome. Thus, you need to ask yourself some questions before taking the plunge and off to the market. These questions are meant to guide you through buying suitable terrazzo tiles for your building project and knowing where and how to use them.

Are you in need of terrazzo tiles?

Here are the ten essential questions you should ask some tile experts before you place your order.

1. Will it work for my project?

In case you don’t know, terrazzo tiles do not work for all kinds of building projects. Of course, that may not seem like something you have heard before, but it is the absolute truth. Learn more about building projects at

There are instances when you don’t need to use terrazzo tiles for your project due to certain factors. For example, if your building is in an always cold environment, it might not be suitable enough to lay terrazzo tiles either on the wall or floor of the building unless you can afford to buy a heat insulator.

Summarily put, it is essential first to figure out whether terrazzo tiles are suitable for your kind of project. Buying tiles only to learn that they cannot work after that will cost you time and money. Make sure you ask professional tile installers how terrazzo tiles work, and you can use them.

2. How much does it cost to maintain?

The initial cost of a product is not as significant as the cost of maintenance. Before ordering your terrazzo tiles, know how much it will cost you to keep it in its beautiful state for as long as you want to use it before calling for the cartons.

Though terrazzo tiles are straightforward to maintain and can last for more than a lifetime, that can only happen if you use the proper cleaning agents to wipe out the surface dirt. Hence it is essential to know how much it cost. Now the question is, the answer is simple you can search the internet, there are many providers of these tiles, read some reviews, compare prices and make the final decision.

3. Which color is best for your building?

You can think this question is not necessary but wait a minute. The color of your terrazzo tiles will set the mood of the space. Colour has a lot to do with how you feel in a given area. You need to know the color has a significant impact on your feelings and emotions.

For instance, the white color makes you feel relaxed and calm. It projects tranquillity, purity, cleanliness, and serenity, while green, on the other hand, makes you feel vibrant and active. By implication, it is ideal to use white terrazzo tiles in a place where you need to relax your minds, such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, and the likes. Green terrazzo tiles will work best in a space where you need to be active such as an entertainment room, study room reception, and the likes.

So, it is better first to know the purpose of each room and specify which color will bring out the complementary feeling before you order your preferred color.

4. Can you use terrazzo tiles outdoor?

Generally, most architects and home designers prefer to use terrazzo tiles for interior design more than the exterior part. Does that mean terrazzo tiles cannot work for exterior designs? No. instead, you can use terrazzo tiles both for your interior and exterior designs. Click here to learn more about interior design costs.

However, the use of terrazzo tiles for exterior works is always recommended for specific reasons. Firstly, terrazzo tiles are sensitive to temperature. So when they are used in a place where they are constantly exposed to direct sunlight, it has some adverse effects on the tiles, such as discoloration. More so, terrazzo tiles come with a glossy surface which can be slippery when wet. for that reason, it might not be hazardous to walk on your terrazzo tiles outside the building when the rain just subsided.

5. What shape of the tiles will you work for your project?

Terrazzo tiles come in different shapes. The manufacturer gave those comprehensive options to increase the versatility and creative design possibilities for architects and home designers.

To know which shape of terrazzo tiles will work perfectly for your project, it is essential for you to first discuss with your home designer and reach a mutual agreement on the preferred designs and patterns for each space in the entire building.

This step is crucial before you put through a call to save your time and money.

You should allow the architect and home designer to dictate the exact shapes they will need to bring out the perfect picture in their imaginative mind. That is the best way to create unique designs that people will always admire any time they visit.


It is as much important as asking the sales representative for proper maintenance instructions. There are certain chemicals you must avoid while cleaning terrazzo tiles to avoid discoloration and cracks. How you care for your tiles will determine whether they will retain their radiant look for long or become damaged in a short while.